Sashimi Royal A/S is located in the northwestern part of Denmark, Hanstholm.

The company has its roots in Maximus A/S, located nearby, which since 1990 has been recognized for the production of fish juveniles of premium quality.

Sashimi Royal is the extension of Maximus A/S, now moving into the production of premium quality fish to market size.



Bent Urup, bought back Maximus in 2013, with the plan to develop the Sashimi Royal A/S project, with the aim to establish  a recognized brand name and a production of premium products for seafood cuisine. Applying the best technology available for aquaculture, with respect to the environment, and the welfare of the fish, and product quality.

Key words:

      Product quality

      Fish welfare

      Residue free, no residues from medicines or hormones.

      Parasite free

      Sustainable production


The plan was to Produce fish according to “OSC” standards. (

Starting up with production of  Hamachi (Kingfish).

Sashimi Royal A/S, should take advantage of the latest but proven technology, to produce a premium grade of fish for the Sashimi market, as well as for the catering sector and the consumer in general who are looking for a premium fish product.


Due to a controlled closed environment within the land based RASproduction units, the products from the facility should be:

       Be 100 % free of parasites

       Be with a natural flesh structure without the oily appearance known from the cage  

        farmed fish*)

         *) Fish product quality due to controlled water velocity in tanks.

       Be produced 100% without use of antibiotics.

       Be produced without causing a negative impact on the environment.

       Waste products are managed and reused.

       Production should be based on a sustainable feed sources.



Since then additional investers beside Bent Urup, have joined the project. Maximus is now in operation, and the first RAS2020 production has now, March 2017 been almost completed, and will likely be fully operational by beginning of May 2017.