The future of Maximus



2014/2015:  Maximus will be renovated and the production layout will be modified for production of Salmon smolt production as well.

The initial focus at Maximus will be on Salmon smolt production and on Kingfish, then the production of Tuna and Turbot will follow at a later stage, coordinated with construction of grow out facilities for Turbot and Tuna in RAS facilities.

Time frame 

2014-15      Renovation and modification of maximus for production of 1,2 million salmon smolt annually, plus 600000 kingfish.

2015   Start up production of Salmon smolt

            Start up with future yellowfin broodstocks of Kingfish

            Start up new broodstocks of turbot

2016   Ongoing production of Salmon Smolt

            Maturation of Kingfish brodstocks.

            Construction of 2 larger broodstock tanks

            Maturation of Turbot broodstocks

            Start up with future broodstock fish of yellowfin tuna.

2017   Ongoing production of salmon smolt

            Production of Kingfish fry if grow out facility is in place

            Production of turbot fry if grow out facility is in place

Potential construction of larger yellowfin tuna broodstock tank, ø 18 meter.