Project development

In Aqua-Partners ApS, we see from our past 25 years of experience in this industry, where we have been involved in many green field projects how important it is for the future and the profitability of the project that a qualified holistic planning has been done at the very early stage of the project before initiating any construction work.

We see it as one of the important contributions we can bring to the industry to assist developers in the development of the initial master plan for a new project

We see ourselves as a natural partner for the development to assist in developing his project. We could in close dialogue with the developer assist on the following:

  • Planning the overall logistic 
  • Identifying required infrastructure elements 
  • Developing the backbone of a vertical production strategy 
  • Identifying risk elements 
  • Contribute with inputs towards the general execution plan
  • Take part in the initial feasibility evaluation 
  • Potential assist on the elaboration of the initial general project documentation 
  • Developing the budget estimate for the project 

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