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In Aqua-Partners ApS, we see from our past 25 years of experience in this industry, where we have been involved in many green field projects how important it is for the future and the profitability of the project that a qualified holistic planning has been done at the very early stage of the project before initiating any construction work.

We see it as one of the important contributions we can bring to the industry to assist developers in the development of the initial master plan for a new project

We see ourselves as a natural partner for the development to assist in developing his project. We could in close dialogue with the developer assist on the following:

  • Planning the overall logistic 
  • Identifying required infrastructure elements 
  • Developing the backbone of a vertical production strategy 
  • Identifying risk elements 
  • Contribute with inputs towards the general execution plan
  • Take part in the initial feasibility evaluation 
  • Potential assist on the elaboration of the initial general project documentation 
  • Developing the budget estimate for the project 


In the initial phase of the project design/development, it is crucial to start the design process by setting the specifications and requirements for the facility itself. 

Each of the variables on the list below will have an impact on production cost, technical supplies, operations, product quality and the construction cost.

The design process includes balancing and optimizing the following elements which each will impact the overall cost and quality of the project:  

  • Equipment cost,
  • Building cost,
  • Energy cost,
  • Product quality,
  • Logistics for sale. 

For instance, equipment cost can be reduced at the expense of building cost, energy cost, safety in production, product quality, etc.

This must be taken into consideration when choosing specifications and requirements for the facility.

In Aqua-Partners ApS, it is our passion, in conjunction with the client, to develop a solution balancing the above-mentioned parameters to develop the project according to client needs.

Defining the production capacity just by annual production (t/yr) can be quite misleading, because production capacity can be defined in several ways which often leads to a nominaltheoretical production capacity substantially differing from the realized production capacity when the facility is up and running. 

Therefore, determining how the production capacity is defined and how it can be achieved is an essential task before estimating cost etc.

The Concept Description which Aqua-Partners ApS would supply as part of the design documentations, would always include clarification of the specfications listed below, being a natural part of the initial design phase:



i. How many production phases?

  • And how many batches of fish per year?
  • Separation between production phases? Separate water treatment systems, tank rooms.
  • Number of tank units in each section.

ii. Plan for production logistics

  • Batch flow through phases, size, time.
  • Grading regime, include portion size fish?
  • Applied growth model? (SGR)
  • Bio-security zones?

iii. Max fish densities in each production phase?

iv. Planned harvest regime?

  • Weekly, daily, monthly etc.
  • Harvest method, stunning, bleeding?

v. Egg incubation.

  • How many batches in parallel?
  • Flow through(only new water) or RAS/individual temperature control?

vi. Source of Eggs / Juveniles supply

vii. Peak feeding capacity.

viii. Type of feed/composition in each production phase.

ix. Expected FCR in each production phase.

x. Water Chemistry.

Accepted levels of:

  • CO2?
  • Nitrate?
  • Ammonia?
  • Nitrite?

xi. O2.

  • Accepted fluctuations?
  • Source of O2 (liquid delivery/O2 Gen)

xii. UV treatment.

  • Dose/flow?

xiii. Ozone requested and quantity

xiv. Mechanical filtration.

  • Screen size?
  • Filtering frequency: system volume/per hour

xv. Tank water exchange rate?

xvi. Requirement for water velocity/speed within each production phase?

xvii. Water temperature in each production phase?

xviii. Local air temperate on site?

xix. Local water inlet temperate on site?

xx. Water treatment on intake water?

xxi. Discharge requirement? (WWTS)

xxii. Option to reuse of CO2 for greenhouse plants production?

xxiii. Accepted CO2 levels inside building?

  • Discharged internally or externally?

xxiv. Purge system requirements.

xxv. Requirements to feeding system.

xxvi. Laboratory requirements?

xxvii. Power requirements, local power supply reliability?

  • Backup Diesel Generator?

xxviii. Expectation to power consumption per kg of fish production?

xxix. Requirements for Control system/instrumentation?

  • Sensors/monitoring of: O2, CO2, pH, Water level etc.
  • Dosing pumps

xxx. Redundancy requierments

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