Design Review (client design)

It's quite common in the industry that developers try to develop their own design, sometimes based on clever ideas but without sufficient knowledge on all the various elements on building and running a fish farm applying RAS technologies.

Fish farming, including RAS, may appear relatively simple on the surface but the truth is that it’s not really rocket science, it involves so many elements where technology, biology, logistics and production practices all need to be integrated in a holistic solution.

RAS farming can be seen like a Chinese box, appears as a simple box on the outside, but every time you dig down a layer you find another layer below, only after dealing with multiple layers comes the realization of the complexity.

Aqua-Partners ApS is a modest size but very experience company in the field of building and running RAS farms.

It's not a must for Aqua-Partners ApS to be the equipment supplier nor the project developers, we are happy also to assist a developer who is sitting with his own design to check and recalculate the dimensioning of the design to explore if the design will meet the expectations.

We can offer the developer who wish to develop a project on his own, one or more of the following services:

  • Check biological dimensioning
  • Review plans for production logistic
  • Review site plan / logistics
  • Develop the control system
  • General advice
  • Develop whichever parts of the project documentation which the developer might request assistance for
  • Open to other services which the developer might find a need for


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