Equipment / technology delivery

Onsite installation can potentially become a very substantial part of the total project cost 

To reduce the overall product cost, it is important that a project has been designed and can be delivered in such a way that the process of installation can be executed quickly and in a simple way with a minimum of assembling work to take place on site 

Aqua-Partners ApS have developed design concept where the required equipment even on big installation can be delivered as semi-standards near to plug and play components were the individual components have been designed not just for efficiency but also for optimized transport / simple installation onsite 

A delivery from Aqua-Partners ApS for a RAS facility will include a combination of own products and external products 

Our own design components include the following products:

  • CO2 strippers
  • Biofilters 
  • Oxygen distribution systems 
  • Mechanical filtration integrated with inlet sump/ pumps sump 

On these products Aqua-Partners ApS have developed the design and will do the quality control, while we always will outsource the manufacturing.

We find it important that there is a clear separation between manufacturing and quality control.

Our product range of external products you will find in our design and deliveries includes products of the following brands:

 On delivery each individual item will be marked with its individual installation number in accordance with the project documentation, position drawing, instrumentation list, motor list, etc...

RAS installations typically includes concrete structures for the installation of water treatment technologies and frequently for the fish tanks.

For such concrete structures we would recommend to consider applying the Octoform formwork concept.


Octaform is a Canadian company which has a suitable construction technology for the construction of concrete structures for aquaculture / RAS systems.

Octaform can provide the form work for the entire tank installation, including the concrete structures for the water treatment system.

The Octaform concept has the benefit that the formwork, which is made out of plastic, will stay once the concrete has cured, and leave the construction with a smooth surface made out of plastic. 


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