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In Aqua-Partners ApS, we see from our past 25 years of experience in this industry, where we have been involved in many green field projects how important it is for the future and the profitability of the project that a qualified holistic planning has been done at the very early stage of the project before initiating any construction work.

We see it as one of the important contributions we can bring to the industry to assist developers in the development of the initial master plan for a new project.

We see ourselves as a natural partner for the development to assist in developing his project. We could in close dialogue with the developer assist on the following.

Projects within in the industry containing RAS design have typically been one of designs. And often the designs have been developed on the time pressure as the detail design phase often is only initiated within a few months before construction start.

In Aqua-Partners ApS we have over the past years been focusing on developing a few semi-standard designs for all the phases in production but for a limit range of species only. This means we can now offer to do the adjusted design on projects for these species at a relatively modest cost as the remaining designs hours now will be only in the range of 30% of what would be required if we had to deliver a one of design to the same detail and quality.

In addition, we have developed dimensioning tools suitable as well for the quality control on the dimensioning of RAS installations in general.

Aqua-Partners ApS can either offer:

1) to deliver complete sets of detailed design documents for RAS production systems within the format of our existing range of production concept.

2) Assist and crosscheck the design and dimension of a project developed by a developer or developed by a consultant on behalf of the developer.

3) Participate in the development of RAS technology for new species in a new context.

4) Participate in the development of new technology for the RAS industry.



The design documents for the individual project elements like the broodstock facility, hatchery, nursery or growout module will tipically include the following documents:



  • Drawings: 

1. Overall plan of facility (preliminary/final), with proposed building layout.

2. Layout plan of each of the four sections.  (Drawing/section)

3. Equipment position drawings of all sections. (Drawing/section) 

4. Drawings of concrete structures, which relates to installations within building.

5. Drawing showing elevation of sections.

6. Sections drawings showing vertical position of equipment elements and tanks, and connections between plug and play components. (Drawing/section)

7. Process water pipe indication plan. (Drawing/section)

8. Flow diagram of each section (Drawing/section)

9. Aeration pipe indication plan. (Drawing/section)

10. Oxygen supply pipe indication plan. (Drawing/section) + general. 

11. Electricity installation indication plan. (Drawing/section)

12. Intake pipe indication plan. 

13. Discharge diagram of entire facility. 

14. Position drawing of all piping which are embedded in concrete /floors/walls. 

15. Set of plans to clarify the assembling of plug and play component.

  • Text documents: 

1. General description of concept and production system /application in general

2. Production logistics and plans as foreseen. Pilot operation/hatchery operation.

3. The specifications of the facility (biological/chemical) per section.

4. Mechanical dimensions of process components.

5. System description (preliminary/final) – overall

6. System description (final) – (description/section)

7. Equipment list (final) (list/section)

8. List of combined equipment elements – plug and play parts (list/section)

9. Motor list (List/section)

10. Instrument list (List/section)

11. Building specifications.

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